Kinsbourne Common Hall, Harpenden

COVID-19 update (as @ 16/04/21)

Provided the roadmap continues as planned, we anticipate resuming taking bookings for children's parties shortly. Booking enquiries can be made from June 2021, for events that will be held in September 2021 or later.

Regular hires for organised children's activities can commence from 12 April 2021. Regular hires for most activities are permitted when we reach Roadmap Step 3, which will be no earlier than 17 May 2021. (At Step 3, people from different households can participate in the same activity in a building such as ours as long as they keep to themselves and do not 'mingle'. Thus, classes are OK; parties are not.) The hirer must carry out a thorough risk assessment and be satisfied that they can operate their activity in the hall with an acceptably low level of risk of coronavirus infection.

Note that under the regulations it is for each person to determine whether they are permitted to participate in a gathering indoors. If a hire activity is taking place in the hall, you should not necessarily infer that we consider you are permitted to participate.

Anyone considering entering the hall for an activity carried on by one of our hirers should make their own judgement about whether it is safe to attend the activity. The organiser of that activity is responsible for determining what measures are practicable and appropriate in the context of the specific activity and you should refer to them to understand the measures they have put in place. Entry to the hall is only permitted on the basis that you understand and accept that Ninth Harpenden Scout Group has no liability for any infection that is alleged to have taken place at the hall.

Please note that some vacancies in the calendar may be slots that our previous weekly hirers have not yet resumed using. These can be hired on a temporary basis until the previous hirer wishes to resume (for which at least one month's notice will be given).