Kinsbourne Common Hall, Harpenden

Contributors to our new meeting hall and headquarters

Our old scout hut was a portable wooden building (see picture) which was donated to the Ninth Harpenden Scout Group circa 1970 by NatWest bank. Its design life was 25 years, most of which had been spent as a mobile temporary bank. Nevertheless, it limped on with us for more than another 40. As any users will “fondly” remember, it was poorly insulated, poorly heated, insecure, and contained asbestos. It was gently falling to pieces.

So, we would like to put on record our grateful thanks to those whose efforts and/or donations contributed to making the new hut possible, in particular those listed on this page.


• Veolia Environmental Trust

• The Harpenden Trust

• Harpenden Building Society

• Garfield Weston Foundation

• John Apthorp Charity

• The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation

• The Robert Clutterbuck Charitable Trust

• The Smith and Pinching Charitable Trust

• Sainsbury's

• Waitrose

• Harpenden Town Council

• Cllr David Williams, HCC Locality Budget Scheme

• The Christopher Laing Foundation

• Hertfordshire Community Foundation

• Skye Optometrists     

• The Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust

• Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire      

• Vauxhall

• Accenture

• Rotary

• Critical Research

• Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation's London Luton Airport Ltd Near Neighbours Fund

• Mr John Currie

• Mrs Joan Weaver

• The many families who contributed to our fundraising, including the 99 Day Challenge and Buy A Brick