Kinsbourne Common Hall, Harpenden


To the left are floor plans of the ground floor and the two upstairs rooms.

The hire would normally include the main hall (which is around 12 metres by 11 metres, or, in old money, 40 ft x 37 ft) and the kitchen and toilets. The main hall ceiling is 2 metres high at the sides, rising to 5 metres at the apex.

The Kinsbourne Meeting Room can be hired separately or as an add-on to the main hall.

Main hall


Kinsbourne Meeting Room (KMR)

View to the Common

There is separate access to the KMR from the foyer.

The conference table is heavy, but splits in two and can be moved (with effort).

Note the sloping ceilings.

The small photo bottom left shows the view standing to the right of the table, looking left. The other small photo looks the opposite way.