Kinsbourne Common Hall, Harpenden


The Ninth Harpenden Scout Group is pleased to offer its new meeting hall for hire to the public.

The hall was newly built in 2014, thanks to the generosity of many contributors, listed here. The hall is at 453 Luton Road, beside St Mary’s Church at the edge of Kinsbourne Common in north Harpenden, hence its official name, Kinsbourne Common Hall. (To us it is fondly, if anachronistically, known as “the hut”). Click here for maps showing the location of the hall and of parking.

For hire rates, click here. All proceeds go towards building maintenance costs and then to help meet running costs of our scout group (a volunteer-run charity) and wider scouting.

The main hall is around 140 square metres (excluding the other rooms). There are also other meeting rooms.


We would like it to fulfil a role similar to a village hall. It is well suited as a venue for:

• Children’s daytime parties

• Meetings and lectures

• Clubs and societies

• Classes

     • yoga, pilates, tai chi

     • meditation, dance, drama

     • martial arts, music, art, and so on

• Other recreation and leisure.

It is usually not possible to accept bookings for evening parties. Unfortunately, we are not able to take bookings for parties and celebrations for persons between 16-21.

To see floor plans and photos of the facilities, click here.


Covid-19 update

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